Ancient Skies and Astronomy Now

Long before the advent of telescopes, astronomers in India, divided the sky into twenty seven equal parts. They could determine the precise position of the Sun by observing the movement of the moon through these divisions. There are several startling facts about these divisions which the Rishi seers appear to have discovered purely through cognitive insight. Buy on Amazon

Beyond Space Beyond Matter

Space is the ultimate container. However, three such containers can be inferred in the context of the Cosmos being conscious. Physical space related to matter rests within a subtler space of concepts which itself rests in a void of undivided consciousness. Vedic seers sought to understand the creation of the universe in light of the knowledge related to these three containers. Buy on Amazon

Tattuvam 300

The role of the Observer becomes as important as that of the scenary in any model of the cosmos which is filled with intelligence. What are the building blocks in this model? Siddhar masters called the building blocks as Tattvas or principles. They visualized a precise model and could explain esoteric and ethereal Yogic experiences with the help of it. Buy on Amazon