Krishna Ramadas
I am a graduate of the Indian Institute of Science. On account of my engineering profession, I have been a strong intellectual. I began to clearly see the value of wonder in life only when I met Sri Sri Ravishankar, my Guru. Five years ago, during a break from my career, I felt pulled towards ancient texts which are filled with mysterious references resembling facts from modern science. My exploration led to the publication of my first book. After conducting research for two more books, I became more fascinated by the ancient belief that the cosmos is conscious.
"When we shut off the mystery or awe factor in life, we not only curtail growth but also unknowingly make life mechanical." Sri Sri Ravishankar
Yogic masters in the past shared the secrets to the power of consciousness with a select few. In today's information age, we can choose to know these secrets with the help of a clear intellect. Intellectual clarity accompanies a calm mind. Practices taught by Sri Sri Ravishankar have helped me in this regard. I now teach some of these breath-centric meditation practices. These practices are designed to increase one's alertness. I am grateful for the intuitive skills which I have developed through them. Through my talks and workshops, I want to inspire and encourage others to experience the powers hidden within themselves.