About the Book

… exploring cosmology in the Vedas

Did ancient seers tap into the mysterious powers of the human brain to discover how our universe was created?

Beyond Space Beyond Matter

.. features a systematic translation of hymns on creation in the Vedas to point out definite references to such ideas as the Big Bang theory, Cosmic Inflation, Microwave Background raditations, Dark Matter, Energy states of Vacuum 

...Are Primordial Energy & Plasma the same?

Beyond Space Beyond Matter collates information from important Vedic hymns and the wisdom of Yoga Vasishta to establish the extent of similarities in them to modern cosmology. This book explains:
  • Three kinds of Space in context of the distinction between the material and subtle causes of the universe
  • Origin of human consciousness from a conscious cosmos
  • Dependency between Devas and the material creation
  • Distinction between Creator, Cosmic Mind and Witness consciousness