Session 4 - first 15 minutes where Gurudev explains additional sutras related to causes of misery

Session-4 where we stopped on Wednesday. Gurudev does a quick review of the eight limbs of Yoga which we covered in the 10th tape of the last series (Old Patanjali Yoga Sutras). He also elaborates on one Sutra about how one can understand the importance of Yama and Niyama (the first two limbs) through problems which can arise from not following it.
Session-5 : This clip is related to culturing the state of Samadhi. Anyone can experience Samadhi but this state must be cultured. There are a few Parinamas or results along the way. Guruji describes them here. The Samyama Sutras follow right after this clip. We saw two Samyamas or special powers last time. We will proceed from the 3rd power in the next session.

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  1. I really liked his discussion of restraining, and how the mind flows like a silent river when it's practiced. So beautiful!